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Weather Station Strijen

We are the official Weather Station of Strijen, Hoeksche Waard, The Netherlands. For 20 years our Weather Station has been providing the local community with consistent, accurate, quality data.

On this Website I will list up all of the equipment that we use to provide high quality Weather data.


Weather Station

Latitude 51 44' 25" N
Longitude 4 32' 55" E
Current Conditions at  29-09-22 - 22:25 h
Automated Weather Data, 5-minute intervals.


Current Reading:  9.8 C
Today's High:  17.1 C at 15:04h
Today's Low:  6.3 C at  7:49h
This Year High:  37.2 C
This Year Low:  -1.1 C


Current Reading:  86 %
Today's High:  96 % at  8:47h
Today's Low:  57 % at 15:56h
This Year High:  98 %
This Year Low:  24 %


Current Reading:  1006.9 mb
Today's High:  1007.0 mb at 22:20h
Today's Low:  999.2 mb at  3:22h
This Year High:  1044.2 mb
This Year Low:  982.4 mb

Our intentions

Amateur Meteorology has been around for centuries, but a lifelong interest in Weather phenomena motivated this page.
Our main intentions with this Website are to provide you with informational content.


Current Wind Speed:  0.0 km/hr
Wind Direction In Degrees:  342
Wind Direction Sector:  NNW
High Monthly Wind Speed:  48.3 km/hr
High Yearly Wind Speed:  90.1 km/hr


Daily Rain:  1.6 mm
Rain Rate p/hr:  0.0 mm/hr
Max Neerslag:  0.2 mm at  1:00h
Monthly Rain:  19.8 mm
Annual Rain:  257.4 mm

Dew Point

Dew Point:  7.5 C
High Dew Point:  11.7 C at 11:08h
Low Dew Point:  5.6 C at  6:15h
Wind Chill:  9.8 C
Low Wind Chill:  6.1 C at  5:44